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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Neocape(s) for your barber shop or salon? You may have some questions before you decide to make your purchase. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions but if you need more information or would like to speak to someone about your specific requirements, please contact us directly on 01243 573417


What are the washing instructions for the gowns?

Follow these care instructions to keep your gowns in the best condition possible.

Only use a cool wash, on a setting of 40 degrees or lower. We also suggest not putting the gowns in with towels, as the collar might get twisted and damaged by them. Do not tumble dry the gowns. Once washed, leave them to air dry to maintain the cape and collar in optimum condition.


What is unique about the Neocape collar?

Our unique collar design is revolutionising the hairdressing gown. The collar is made from neoprene and prevents hair or liquids going down clients’ necks. Because the collar is built into all our unigown 

designs, it is gentle and comfortable and gives a professional finish to hairdressing gowns.


Is the Neocape available in different countries?


We can deliver to many countries directly for orders placed through our online shop. But if you’d like to find out about the various distributors we have globally or to see if there’s a distributor in your country, please visit our distributors page or contact us on


Can I have the gowns personalised with my logo?

Yes, lots of our customers choose to personalise their gowns by printing their logo on them. There is a minimum order of 10 gown for printings. To process a printing order, after placing the initial order, we request that a PDF (or similar) copy of the logo is emailed to us, along with the delivery address and telephone number for the order.  We will then supply the person that placed the order with a proforma invoice to be paid before printing. The printing process can take up to 10 working days after which time they will be delivered. 


For further queries or to place an order, please email or call 01243 578755.



Do you attend any shows?

Yes, of course! We love having the chance to meet and speak to our customers face to face. We are normally at the leading industry events so if you’re also attending a show please contact us, we’d love to meet you!