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About Us

Thesis Technology Products Ltd. is a family business established in 1994 by a group of engineering, technical and finance professionals who left their jobs in the electronics and computer industry in the south of England to start the new company. The first product to be successfully launched was the LimbO Waterproof Protector  - a patented design that uses a neoprene seal to allow people with plaster casts or bandages to bath with 100% certainty that their dressings will stay dry. In 2010 the same materials and technology were adapted for hairdressing gowns and the quality products you see now.

Well Established

We have been in business for over 20 years as a British manufacturer and we successfully distribute our products worldwide.

Focus on Quality

ISO9000 certified with the majority of manufacturing done on site, all our products go through a stringent quality control process.

We listen

Although new to the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry we listen. Without the fantastic feedback from barbers and hairdressers we would not have the amazing gowns that are taking the customer experience to the next level.


We are committed to continued innovation and British manufacturing.

Camouflage Unigown

Camouflage Unigown

Limited Edition Armour to Barber Fundraiser. These unique gowns have been made to raise money for the A2B organisation who pr...
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Hairstop Collar

Hairstop Collar

The Hair Stop Collar prevents hair or liquids going down your client’s neck and compliments your existing gowns. When placed over your current gown...
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Thanks to feedback from the teams and customers we work with, we are pleased to introduce our full length (170cm) Unigown. This is the perfect gown...
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  • "Neocapes are, hands down, the BEST gowns I’ve ever used!" – Tom Chapman
  • "High quality gowns to give you confidence and the customer comfort." – Romeo The Barber
  • "Neocapes kept the clients clean and were very comfortable to use… By far the best gowns in the industry today." – Dan Davies, Pall Mall Barbers
  • "There is always an overwhelming feeling of ‘why were they not always like this?’ when you find a problem-solving product. Neocape's range of lightweight, all-in-one cutting gowns impart that very feeling. They finally foil the water and renegade hairs that somehow manage to navigate traditional cutting collars. Barbers and hairdressers, we would very much recommend giving them a try." – Sid Sottung Academy
  • "At last gowns that are real design advancement in client comfort. Brilliant design that clients love. Thank you Neocape, amazing design and quality, clients notice the difference." – Craig Hubert, World and 5 Time British Hairdressing Champion
  • "Great for mobile hairdressers too - less to carry around and the press stud collar always ensures a great fit. A great addition to my kit!" – Emma Couchman
  • "Your capes are truly outstanding, best I have ever come across." – Pat Barry